trans sisterhood

trans sisterhood

welcome to our constellation
sisters among us thrive.
swirls of color collide
to make the most wonderful of hues.

green-blue eyes
pink pursed lips
plush soft skin
lavender silk necks
strong arms
wide collar bones
thick calf muscles.

we are rebel girls.
we have to be.
we weren’t given a choice in that department, my friend.

girl stand up!
walk with your head held high
you are my trans sister, soul sister.
you walk with fire in your eyes and
swag in your step.

we hold on to one another, arm in arm
while the creeps and cissys stroll on
gawking and goggling at such fine ass women
yeah, you better respect my ass or
we will fuck up your world!

and we will be there to care for one another
squeeze my hand
oh don’t cry…
we have so much to love for one another.

i wipe tears from her cheek,
a black dribble of make up smears
hold on my sister.

we find a mirror,
i wipe your eyes
i kiss your cheek
i run that eyeliner back on those beautiful beautiful cat eyes.

you are my sister.

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