my purpose of this blog

Hi folks!

So today I’m writing about my purpose of starting a blog.

The funny thing is, I’ve started and contributed to a lot of blogs, mainly for political activist groups, but I’ve never had “my own.” One of the problems of blogging is keeping up with fresh content, not always reposting things, and engaging with your audience. I live a busy life, but by starting this I will try to commit to posting at least every other day. I hope people will find it helpful.

So this site is still under construction, but you can check out my about me section to see what I’m all about, or browse over to the sex column to see my recommendations for body-positive, feminist, and queer porn.

Here is my statement of purpose:

1. This blog will be transfeminist. As a trans woman, my voice has been shunned, mocked, fetishized, and rendered invisible in the hetero cissexual world. In many “queer” spaces, I have been excluded, tokenized, and made to feel that I must struggle for a space to not feel overwhelmed by cissexual gay, lesbian, bisexual, and (both cis and trans) male privilege. That stops here.

2. This blog will be politically radical. It will openly be against oppression, capitalism, cissexism, racism, patriarchy, traditional sexism, oppositional sexism, heterosexism, and ableism. It will openly advocate socialism, equality, ecological balance, gender liberation, queer liberation, and feminism. It will celebrate a diversity of sexualities and bodies, neurovarience, different abilities, and gender non-conformity.

Aaa, I’m sure I forgot a few -isms but you get the point.

3. I will strive to be an ally. I will not speak for those who are oppressed differently from me. I will try to engage people in good faith, knowing that I may never understand someone else’s experiences, but that all our oppressions are ultimately interconnected to one another as human beings. I will strive to stand in solidarity with those I am not a part of. I expect the same of those around me who wish to build a better world.

4. I will respect a diversity of opinions but will not hesitate to censor hate speech, trolling, or otherwise dishonest forms of communication.

5. I ask that you send me a request if you’d like to feature on of my articles in full on your site. Otherwise, repost, share, like and link away!

6. I will not always write in list form and embolden words and be super serious. I’m going to try hard to be authentic, be myself, show humor and seriousness and fear and (sometimes) poor grammar.

I’m also probs gonna change the banner to something more positive when I get a chance. Like some fists in the air or somethin.

Ok! Thanks and stay tuned!!!

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