T.R.A.N.S. B.A.B.E.

when i hear this song, i think of you. i think of all of you. all my trans hotties, who i crush and gush over. who i stay awake an extra hour over. who have the most endearing smiles. wide collar bones. jaw bones. hips that curve out. waists that i can sink into. lips i can kiss on. legs to wrap around me.

i am so utterly gay for other trans women.

ok. so yes, i am also deeply attracted to many trans men, and definitely know that they can be considered “trans babes” in their own right. but this one is for the ladies and the andro-queer-genderfucks in the transfem constellation.

i love our chests. i love our nipples. I LOVE OUR FUCKING TITS. i love their different sizes. i love the way they feel in each others hands. i love the way they feel in each others mouths. i love they way they’ve emerged from our bodies.

i love tribbing and scissoring. i love how we can play with impact on different parts of our bodies. i love how we can fuck our insides from the outside. i love how some of us can fist or slap or stimulate our trans clits and neo-cunts and i do but i kinda don’t care what its called in your pants i just want to bury my fucking face in it and dig my nails into your thighs.

i love our glowing skin. our smiles. the twinkle in our eye. the deepness of transfemininity that we can see from a glimpse, a mere encounter in the streets, a coyish grin of attraction or simply of sisterly recognition.

let’s talk oppression. let’s talk about your gender expression. let’s talk about mine. let’s talk while curling our calves together and staring into each other’s eyes.

let’s talk about community and resistance. let’s talk about getting through each day. every day.

let’s talk about everything and anything until we bite our lips off each other.

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