my response to the cwhc statement

You can read the full Chicago Women’s Health Center statement here

dear CWHC,

please own your transmisogyny. please be accountable to your exclusion of trans women. please be responsible for not providing equal access and equal care. this does not cut it:

“As an organization, we understand and respect this perspective and the realities of injustice and prejudice towards trans women that informs it. We value community feedback on our programs. Meeting the needs of the communities we serve is at the core of our mission.”

it’s clear to me that TGAP was started as a trans gynecological care initiative. it’s clear to me that trans women were not even on the horizon of interest in care until very recently. it’s clear to everyone who wants to know that the foundations of this project were directed at female-assigned at birth people.

if it was not, then you would’ve stated that it wasn’t. if it was truly to aim towards total trans inclusiveness, it would have prided itself on claiming trans women as sisters and boldly announced ideas and projects to get underway for transfeminine people. it would have invested itself in the same way to transfeminine health as you have done for transmasculine.

the disparities are quite obvious, and this effort to try and placate the situation will only prove for a more difficult relationship with the trans women and trans female community.

many respect your work. i most definitely do. no one is affronting that. i also will not waiver in front of or bow to any institution that claims itself having “trans access” when it only is accessible for transmasculine people.

this is not just about hormones. i for one will not cheer when we get our hormones. that is not the point.

the point is about historical exclusion. the point is about institutionalized transmisogyny. the point is about equal access and equal care.

if you want to provide trans gynecological services (which is great!) then offer trans prostate exams. if you wish to offer masculinizing hormone replacement therapy, then offer a feminizing program. if you wish to provide and talk about transmasculine and trans men’s fertility, then provide that as an integral step in your feminizing HRT program for transfeminine people and trans women.

it’s time to own up.

fiercely standing with my trans sisters,

lucinda sparks

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