cwhc gives official apology

firstly, if you haven’t seen or signed the petition for real comprehensive trans healthcare at Chicago Women’s Health Center, please do so here

i’m happy to announce that yesterday the Trans Greater Access Program at CWHC made an official apology. read it here

i, for one, am 90% satisfied with the statement. TGAP did a good job in pointing out how their language and framing of services to trans people is misleading, how they are aware of the feminist health movement shunning trans women, and how their decision affected many and hurt many. they were just shy of being completely direct, just shy of saying “yes we should’ve made trans women part of our services we when started TGAP,” and just shy of stating that this was an example of transmisogyny.

seeing how difficult it is for non-profit institutions to even budge or take ownership of mistakes, i’d say this is pretty darn good and indicates how strong the push-back against transmisogyny has been the past few days since the petition started.

just to be clear. i’m happy to work with TGAP and CWHC, and i encourage other trans women / transfeminine folks to do so as well. i think it’ll take a while for me to really be comfortable and happy with them as an institution. i would really really like to see some trans women on the board or employed. currently i know of not a single transfeminine person who’s employed. (and it’s 2012 – but whatever, right?)

anyway, keep up the pressure. i know the author of the petition will be writing more about this struggle soon.

let’s make women’s health really equal ALL women’s health!


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