cwhc starts transfem focus groups

things have been going up and down.

i just got back from toronto where i attended the 2012 feminist porn awards. needless to say it was a fantastic experience and i’m super motivated to get more involved in ways of promoting feminist, queer, and trans-positive porn as a subversive activism. more on that later.

so the chicago women’s health center is putting together focus groups for transfeminine individuals. i’d encourage folks to get involved, even if you’re happy with services you already get or if you’re not interested in switching to to CWHC. our community needs more people to provide input, even if you’re frustrated or angry or just want to show up to be a part of the process. the call-in and appointment info is on the facebook event linked above.

i guess for me i’m happy about the movement. i’m sad this had to even occur – that unequal services were pitted against trans people of male/masculine and female/feminine shades.

that’s been the first reaction and the strongest – from trans men, some who i’ve known and some not, who i thought were my allies, telling me to quiet down, or that i’m just a shit-talker, or that CWHC has their heart in the right place so i have no reason to get angry.

i even read this little ditty on “call out culture.”

let’s fucking talk about call out culture.

there’s a difference when you’re using it as a tool, and an oppressed and marginalized person. there’s a difference between someone going off on your for misgendering you or using the wrong pronoun for the first time and institutionalized oppression. there’s a difference between talking about how transmisogynist this policy was to trans men and then have them flagrantly promote an institution as “trans inclusive” as it washes away the face of trans women at the same time – as it covers up the historical institutionalized schism between female assigned at birth people and transfeminine folks. no ego is to great to be called out for things that ought to be called out.

that said, and all in all, i am pleased with the movement. i am happy that things are on the move.

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