starting a “no more apologies” in chicago

Here is the website for No More Apologies Chicago

No More Apologies was a conference that started in Toronto this past January by several queer trans women to address the historical exclusion of transgender women from queer cis women spaces. Since then, Ottawa, Canada, has run one by the similar name. This is the first time, to my knowledge, it will be in the US.

When I heard about this conference only a few days before it was put on, I was wow’ed. This is such a central issue inside of queer spaces, and personally it makes me overjoyed to see trans women taking initiative to develop a social justice modeled conference to address our queer sexuality, desirability, and spaces.

There’s a few things that personally I want to make sure we adress in our community. Mind that I am in the process of reaching out to others to form a planning committee at this stage of the game.

1. It will address the intersection of racism and transmisogyny. For those of us that are white, we will seek allyship, responsibility, solidarity, and simply listen. It is essential to make space for POC trans women from day 1.

2. It will be not be trans-normative. All trans female, trans women, transfeminine folks, and people who experience transmisogyny are welcome and who create their own narratives and own paths about themselves, their bodies, and transitions. I do not want a hierarchy of trans women telling other transfeminine folks where to go or what to do in their lives / transitions / whatever.

3. It will be hella hella sexy. I want everyone to feel safe, comfortable, informed, included and happy. To me that’s the sexiest. So that includes:

  • Sex ed workshops!
  • Political discussion!
  • Caucuses!
  • Free barriers / contraceptives!
  • Community resource and sex ed guide for trans women (and our lovers!) including stuff on sex work, disability, and laws in the Chicago area!
  • Free food!
4. There will be hella sexy fundraisers! My personal dream is to get a trans women-focused drag king show on! Monthly events are a must!

Ok, that’s all I can think of for now. But the basic 101 of No More Apologies that I’d like to continue are that cis women and those in the trans female / transfeminine constellation will be able to go. Fundraisers and after party are fine for transmasculine folks and cis dudes to join!

Right now I’m looking at mid-October for the date of the conference. That gives the planning committee enough time to develop funds and resources for the event. I would LOVE to have a housing committee and possible stipend for travelers if we can, but first and formost is to cover the actual event.

It’d also be nice to have a keynote speaker. And perhaps a variety of workshops rather than just one on sex ed.

Ok, I think I may have spoken too much before the planning committee actually meets, but these are just my thoughts to get a center around the idea of this conference.

Post your thoughts below!

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