about me

trans woman, queer, white, 25, chicago.

i go by the pseudonym Lucinda Sparks as a medium between a persona and my reality. it is where my politics, work, and sex clash together, where i am most free to express things, engage the world, and am able to rant.

i am a revolutionist, as i believe the only way to create a free society is by overthrowing the capitalist system.

i am a communist, as i believe that the tools of marxism-leninism are historically successful and are the only ones that can set humanity free.

i am a liberationist, as i believe in the right to full self-determination and autonomy of one’s body, whole nationalities, and peoples.

i am an internationalist, as i believe that petty individualism should be smashed, and that as humans we have far more in common with each other than to solely look inwards.

i am a political activist mainly engaged with students and youth to protest war and injustice, i am a worker in the food service industry, i am a sex educator and lecturer, i perform at queer literary events, and i really want a hairless cat named Friedrich Clara Belvedere, Esq.

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