This page is in a process of constant updating around sex-positive, queer- and/or trans-affirming sex/gender resources for trans, queer folks, and sex workers.

guides and zines on education and health

Brazen: Trans Women Safer Sex Guide by Morgan M Page and the 519 Church Street Community Center
Checking Your Privilege 101 by the Transformative Justice Law Project
Emergency Response Worksheet by Sex Workers Outreach Project-Chicago
Fact Sheet: For and By Girls in the Sex Trade by Young Women’s Empowerment Project
Girls Do What They Have To Do To Survive: Illuminating Methods Used by Girls in the Sex Trade and the Street Economy to Fight Back and Heal by Young Women’s Empowerment Project
Hidden Expressions, Vol. 1 by the Transformative Justice Law Project (this is a zine written by and for trans people in the prison industrial complex)
How to Do a Universal Self-Exam by Young Women’s Empowerment Project
Know Your Rights Videos by Sex Workers Outreach Project-Chicago
PRIMED: The Back Pocket Guide for Transmen and the Men Who Dig Them by the Gay/Bi/Queer Transmen Working Group /
Taking Care of Yourself: A Guide for Trans Sex Workers by the Sex Worker Education & Advocacy Taskforce 
Trans Sexuality: A Safe Sex Guide for Trans People and Their Partners
 by Tobi Hill-Meyer
Transcending Anatomy: A Guide to Bodies and Sexuality for Partners of Trans People by the Transcending Anatomy Project
Tricks of the Trade by L. Synn Stern (safety guide for street sex workers)


Please pay for sex work. Especially these folks. Like I wish there was a sliding scale for queer, trans folk, working class / low-income folk, and youth who usually don’t have much cash that was transparent and accessible for all sites, but there isn’t. So, suck it up, team up with friends, or do what you gotta do… but please don’t pirate or overshare this stuff.

ALSO. Please assume that every link you open from this page is NSFW (not safe for work)


Film by director / production company
Courtney Trouble
The new Trouble Films network is great! Trouble started with no fauxxx as the first queer porn site online. It started heavily as cis women and transmasculine oriented but has expanded in the past few years to include cis men and transfeminine folks. Hot scenes, hot performers. Great quality.

Tobi Hill-Meyer
I love this trans woman focused porn! Doing it Ourselves: a Trans Woman Porn Project is currently my favorite of her work. Quality is good, but I’d love to see it improved.

Shine Louise Houston (person of color owned)
Crash Pad Series
Heavenly Spire
I don’t know too many queer and lesbian peeps who don’t like the Crash Pad Series, if they’ve come across it. This really hot production series started out similar to Trouble – cis woman and transmasculine focused, then has branched out to cis men and trans women. There are SO many episodes to choose from. Significant section of them are people of color. Large variety of bodies and sexualities. Great quality.

Feelmore Productions (person of color owned)
Neena Joiner is an African American queer woman expanding the horizons of queer porn into mainly people of color spaces. Her latest work, Hella Brown, won the 2012 Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Dyke Porn.

Sophia St. James
Sophia St. James is a curvaceous queer person of color involved in several sex work projects locally in Portland and around online.

Madison Young
Young makes queer, feminist porn with a touch of kink. She runs an art gallery called Femina Potens in San Francisco which hosts and curates works of sexuality, femininity, gender, and space. Her recent start into motherhood makes me so happy to a see queer sex worker publicly grappling with her work and raising a healthy child.

T-wood Pictures
T-wood is mainly transmasculine on transmasculine focused. Very queer scenes. Good quality. I’m not sure if they’ve officially changed their name from “trannywood” (that would be a good idea, boys), but yeah — they still do great work.

Dolores Park Studios
Dolores Park is from some folks associated with T-wood and features a diverse cast in its first production, Brunch Bunch.

All things related to strap-ons. Beautiful, varying body porn. Mainly sticks to what appears to be queer cis women.

Good Queer Porn
Good Queer Porn is a review site from a queer porn star, Charlie Spats. Good to visit to know what’s up and coming.

Other Lit
Salacious Magazine – a queer feminist sex magazine

Bend Over Magazine – feminism, sexuality, and queer art

Original Pluming – transmasculine focused, culture and art

Fucking Trans Women – transfeminine focused, sex education

cis lesbian/dyke

Bren Ryder / Good Dyke Porn
More on the queer side, Ryder takes a liberal approach to what is or isn’t “dyke” to include trans women and trans men in these hot scenes. High quality.

Jincey Lumpkin, Esq. / Juicy Pink Box
First time I saw this I was really blown away at the quality. Super hot scenes in the back of taxis, in “therapy” sessions, and more, all in theater-quality picture. You’ll see lots of queer porn stars and varying genders in this “lesbian” porn.

Nica Noelle
Girlcandy Films
Sweetheart Video
Noelle makes authentic lesbian porn that is usually femme on femme.

Girlfriend Films
I’m a fan of Girlfriend, even though they’re very mainstream, because they do strive to have some hot, authentic, and varying body-types porn. They give a grand each month to charity, and made they’re first breakthrough by adding trans woman hottie (of my heart) Drew Deveaux.

Fatale Media
Fatale and S.I.R. is old school. I really like After School Special and Sugar High Glitter City. Mostly butch/femme stuff. Real classic vintage dyke porn.

Abby Winters
Mostly femme on femme. Varying body types. Australian. Great quality.

cis gay male

oh but i love the shit out of wolf hudson

Ok. So. I’m bad at checking out gay cismale porn because it’s not really my schtick and we haven’t really featured much at my workplace. There’s also a sort of debate with what is gay male feminist porn and what is not. BUT. Here are reviews according to Jane’s Guide, which I highly trust.

Full disclaimer, personally, some of this I wouldn’t reccommend.. or even include on a gay male selection.

cis straight feminist / other

Candida Royalle / Femme Productions
Royalle is an original in the feminist porn world. Many of her classics from the ’80s and ’90s I would recommend today. This is more erotic than wham bam thank you ma’am.

Nina Hartley
Nina is so hot. Another original feminist in the porn industry, she has mainly focused on “educational” videos, as well as “regular” scenes. Her most recent work I’m in LOVE with is Live Sex Show.

Tristan Taormino / Smart Ass Productions
Taormino has shot some wonderful “reality porn” a la the Chemistry series, great kinky sex in the Rough Sex videos, and plenty of other scenes. She collects and edits great written erotica, most recently Take Me There: Genderqueer and Trans Erotica (bravo!!!), and makes a smokin’ educational series.

Maria Beatty / Bleu Productions
Very erotic, kinky, sensual and sexual. These films walk the line between explicit pornography and art haus film. Beautiful work, very hot scenes depicting cis women.

Comstock Films
Tony Comstock makes wonderful documentary pornography using real couples, real chemistry, and real passion. Scenes do feature interviews with performers. High quality.

I Feel Myself
Cis woman masturbation scenes. Beautiful, body-positive, self-pleasure. High artistic quality.

Andrew Blake
High artistic quality erotica.

For the Girls
Cis women’s point of view on cis men.

Clothed Female, Naked Male
Just what it sounds. Kind of kinky?

Erotic Red
Artistic, natural, and sexual representations of menstruation.

Hot Movies 4 Her
General, pay as you go stream site. Great blog! Wide selection of scenes at a fair price.

general review sites

These are the only two you need to know:

Violet Blue

Jane’s Guide

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